I read a blog post the other day by Tasha’s lifestyle (blog post linked) and it really rang true to me.

Tasha’s lifestyle was the first blog I followed I think, just because the way she writes everything is wonderful. With this post I was reading, I really felt that I could relate.

In summary the post talked about worrying about the little things and how she would worry over things that haven’t happened yet and worry over people’s opinions of her even though she knows they probably wouldn’t have those opinions. I feel like that is me. I obsess over the things that haven’t even happened, creating scenarios in my head and stressing over them and when the real one plays out I feel like such an idiot.

One word I hear when I try and explain these types of situations to some people (not very understanding or nice people) is ‘pathetic’. From time to time, I also tell myself this; I really hate the word ‘pathetic’ because who is to say what is ‘pathetic’. People have different tolerances to situations and if someone can’t cope with the slightest problem then they are seen as ‘pathetic’, but in reality they are struggling with their mentality not being able to put up with these situations.

Worrying about little things is normal, sometimes it’s good because it shows your level of care to detail. Other times not so good because it causes you to obsess over things that really don’t need to be obsessed over. So if you are worrying over the small things, go and read tasha’s blog post and read the list of things to do. I know for a fact that I will be using them :).

I also wanted to say thank you for the response to my ‘my mental health’ post. The aim of the post was to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling but to see some people liking it made the relief 10 times more effective 🙂

Much love,

S xx

P.s. sorry about the randomness of posts but I will do my last paragraphs with my song and tv show/movie of the week on my Friday posts xx

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